[DEPRECATED] chimee-kernel has been merged into chimee.


Chimee-kernel is a manger of video decoder.


There are so many video type in the world. Each one may have its own decoder. In that case, we need a manger to handle it. In other word, we need a uniform statute.

What's more, as chimee handle most of the logic of a video player, a decoder can be just simple. It only need to provide normal function like load, play, pause etc.

In chimee, we call these decoder as VideoKernel. As a VideoKernel, it should fit rules below.

name meaning type arguments note
isSupport A method to tell us whether the decoder can be runned in this browser static method none Must be a staic method
constructor The constructor of VideoKernel, we will passed in with three arguments, an HTMLVideoElement, an Object as KernelConfig, another Object as CustomConfig method videoElement: HTMLVideoElement, kernelConfig: Object, customConfig: Object
load A method to load src method src: string
stopLoad stop the network loading method None
startLoad Resume from stopLoad or any network error method src: string
play A method to play the vidoe method None
pause A method to pause the playing method None
refresh A method to reload the src method none not ready to use yet
attachMedia method none
seek A method to seek to a specific point method second: number
destroy A method which will be called when we destroy the kernel method none
config The config you stored attribute
video You can store the video element here attribute
on A method to listen on your video kernel method type: string, handler: Function
off A method to stop listening on your video kernel method type: string, handler: Function
once A method to listen on your video kernel only one time method type: string, handler: Function
emit A method to emit event on your video kernel method type: string, data: any

In nowaday, we will rebuild the video kernel when user change the src.

If you support src switch on your video kernel. Please contact us, we need to add you into whitelist.

We may support use config on installKernel later.


npm install --save chimee-kernel


import ChimeeKernel from 'chimee-kernel'

var kernel = new ChimeeKernel(document.querySelector('video'),{
    src: 'http://yunxianchang.live.ujne7.com/vod-system-bj/TL2791e64b69ea0bea234c284c694986aa.flv',
    type: 'vod',
    box: 'flv'

//load source


Field Type Description
src String video source
isLive Boolean 'false' or 'true',set video is a live stream or vod
box String Indicates stream box 'flv' , 'hls' , 'native' , 'mp4'
preset {[string]: Function} set kernel decoder,example: import chimeeKernelFlv for 'chimee-kernel-flv'; preset:{'flv': chimeeKernelFlv}
presetConfig {[string]: Object} custom config to some kernel decoder


Field Type Description
mediaInfo Object video mediaInfo
heartbeat Object emit per-second
error Object kernel error

Error code FLV:

Errno Type Description
100 Number NET_ERROR
101 Number CODEC_ERROR
102 Number CANNOT_SEEK